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Hand Cracked Gemlik Green Olives

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Hand-cut Nizip Gemlik Green Olives: The Meeting of Taste and Health
Our hand-cut Nizip Gemlik green olives will cheer up your tables with their unique taste and health benefits. These magnificent olives go through a careful processing process that combines nature's freshest and most exclusive products.

Our hand-cut Nizip Gemlik green olives are obtained from special olive trees grown in the Nizip region. The unique climate and fertile soil of these regions allow olives to develop naturally. Our olives are carefully collected when they are ripe and processed by hand crushing. In this way, the freshness and natural aroma of the olives are preserved and they reach the highest taste and nutritional value.
Our hand-cut Nizip Gemlik green olives reach a perfect balance with a fine salting process and are subjected to a natural fermentation process. Thus, while our olives become an indispensable taste of your breakfast tables, they also support your health.

How to Sweeten Green Olives?
We ship our hand-cut Nizip Gemlik green olives to you in bitter water in order to preserve their structure and ensure their longevity. To sweeten it, it will be enough to put as many olives as you will consume in a separate container, add clean drinking water and let them sit for 1 night. In this way, you can reach the sweetening level you want while preserving the natural flavor and freshness of the olives.


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