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Low Salt Antep Cheese

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choice: 2500gr
Tür: Keçi


Village Made Antep Cheese: The Unique Taste of Nature
Antep Cheese, which we carefully produce in our village, is one of the indispensable flavors of the Gaziantep region. These cheeses, which we produce using completely natural and organic methods, mature in the unique atmosphere of the village environment and are presented to your tables with high quality. The intense and rich aroma of village milk reveals the characteristic features of Antep cheese. This unique cheese, which delights the palate with every bite, is a natural and healthy food source.
As Pendirhan, the cheese production in our business is completely handmade and takes place in a village environment. For this reason, our cheeses are not dairy and become the first choice of those looking for natural taste. Village Antep Cheese, where you will feel the freshness of nature in every slice, is truly a treasure with its special processing and ripening processes.

Our Consumption Recommendation;
Thanks to the low salt content of Village Antep Cheese, you can consume the sliced ​​cheese directly or by adding hot water as in pickled cheese.

To Preserve the Freshness of Our Cheeses;
To preserve it, we recommend that you reserve as much as you will consume and then keep the rest in the deep freezer. Thus, our cheeses remain fresh and delicious for a long time, and you can always have a delicious Antep cheese experience.


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Sıkça Sorulan Sorular;

Evet, Şuanda Koşulsuz, Şartsız Tüm Ürünlerden Ücretsiz Kargo Kampanyası Devam Ediyor.

Kredi kartı, Havale veya banka kartın ile ödemeni güvenli bir şekilde yapabilirsin.

İsterseniz Bizimle İletişime Geçerek Dilersenizde Gaziantepte Ki Şubemize Gelerek Alışveriş Yapabilirsiniz.