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    Extra Pistachio Amulet

    That's right, sumac syrup is a liquid obtained by mixing dried sumac fruits with water and letting them sit. Sumac fruits are crushed and mixed with...

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    Original Walnut Sausage

    Pressed soup tarhana is a food with high nutritional value. It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals thanks to the grains, vegetables and spices...

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    Pistachio Sausage with Grape Syrup

    This flavor, produced with the traditional village method, is created by blending high quality grape molasses and walnuts tightly arranged one by one on strings. The...

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    Walnut Sausage with Grape Syrup

    Molasses and walnut sausage, created with the perfect harmony of delicious grapes grown in the fertile lands of Southeastern Anatolia and local Kahramanmaraş walnuts, is one...

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    Baton Sausage with Walnuts

    The thin fruit pulp carefully prepared with grape molasses comes together with early harvested fresh gray pistachios to create a wonderful taste combination. While tasting this...

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    Grape Paste (Bastik)

    Walnut sausage with grape must is a delicious and healthy snack option. This special flavor is made by using grape must obtained by carefully processing fresh...

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    Antep Şire Delicacies

    This special parcel, which is a wonderful combination of sweet flavors from the Antep region, conquers the hearts of sweet lovers. A feast of Antep's secret...

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