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    Double Main Cracked Pistachios

    Pistachio sausage with grape must is a special flavor that offers a unique taste and flavor experience. This delicious sausage, produced using traditional methods, is created...

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    Double Siirt Pistachio

    Grape pulp is an indispensable flavor obtained by drying the grapes in the sun with their natural sugar content. It is known for being a healthy...

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    Under-Tree Pistachios in Shell

    Double main cracked pistachio is a type of pistachio specific to the Gaziantep region. Double cracked peanuts are formed when two peanuts growing on different tree...

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    Brown Pistachios (Grounded)

    Gray pistachio is a type of pistachio also known as "Bird shit" in the Gaziantep region. Its name comes from the color of the peanut shell....

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    Brown Kernel Pistachios (Pieces)

    It is a special variety that grows in soil-covered shells under pistachio trees. Shelled pistachios are a preferred ingredient in the Gaziantep region, especially in desserts,...

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    Peanut Cracker

    Roasted terebinth is a snack obtained by roasting the fruits of the terebinth tree. Roasted terebinth is preferred as a snack with high nutritional value. Terebinth...

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    Cylinder Peanut Box

    Groom atom cookies in a special box for special people... 400gr Damat Atom Cookie

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    Antep Aga Box

    All the products you want to taste and taste related to peanuts are with you in a special carrying rope box. 1 Jar (320gr) Peanut Butter...

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